Chris Setaro is a lifelong Danbury resident, a fixture in the community and a business owner in the city.

Chris owns a Law Firm in Downtown Danbury and Chris is the Democratic candidate for Mayor of the great city of Danbury, CT. Ahead of the election, we thought it was important to hear what Chris' vision is for Danbury.

Those of you who know the Ethan and Lou show well, know that Ethan and I have a pretty close personal bond with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. He's a weekly contributor to the show, he's been a guest since the early years of the program and we like him a lot. Frankly, Mark is our pal.

That said, it's only fair to hear what both men have to say in the vital months leading up to the election. The goal, should everyone's schedules allow, is to have both men on each week. Chris is likable, smart and one hell of a dresser. This race should be interesting and we will be there along for the ride the whole way. We also have every intention of having fun with it and mocking the process as we go, because both men have a terrific sense of humor and can handle it.

If you ever have questions that you would like us to ask of Mark Boughton or Chris Setaro during our segments, please feel free to send them along through our mobile app. We do read the messages you send on every platform we have available.

Here's how our first meeting with Mr. Setaro went:

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