On September 6th, 2023 the City of Danbury issued a press release in regards to Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito's health.

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The statement read:

This afternoon, Mayor Dean Esposito was seen by a gastroenterologist who recommended he seek immediate medical attention at Danbury Hospital. He is currently undergoing treatment for a suspected stomach ulcer and will remain in the hospital overnight for observation and additional testing. City Council President Vinny DiGilio will preside over tonight’s September City Council meeting in Mayor Esposito’s absence. We will keep the public informed of any developments. We wish Mayor Esposito a quick and speedy recovery.
Just two days later, the city announced the Esposito was about to be released from the hospital and return to work. We haven't talked to the Mayor since the hospital trip and wanted to know how he was feeling. We asked him all about it when he joined us for his regular weekly interview on Thursday (9/14/23).

Lou: You had a medical procedure it sounded like a little bit of an emergency, an ulcer situation and you had to be taken to the hospital, how did everything play out, are you OK? 

Dean: "Yes I'm fine and I appreciate your letters and your note there Lou thank you very much. I had been having some stomach pain and I went to have it checked out and just by chance they said you'd better stay tonight at the hospital. I want to give kudos to the hospital was excellent with me. I had to stay overnight, the problem I was having is we had a council meeting that night, you know a once-a-month meeting. I was a little apprehensive about staying because I didn't want to miss the meeting but the doctor recommended staying, doing a couple more tests. Thank goodness that I did because they found a little thing that they put a clip on or some kind of medical procedure and I was out by Saturday afternoon. It worked out well but I want to thank everybody out there for their well wishes, it was very nice to see and hear that they were concerned about my health. But everything is good, we were back in the office on Monday, we were here on Monday but it's good, everything is going good." 

Youtube/City of Danbury/R-Media
Youtube/City of Danbury/R-Media

Lou: Was it invasive sir? Did they invade you? 

Dean: "They invaded me Lou. NO, it was one of those basic down the throat scopes and then they did the procedure there. I went from North to South not South to North so that was good." 

Lou: Now what happens in a situation like that? Is there sort of an emergency protocol that kicks into action? Are you kept away from the decision making because you're ill and if so, who is in charge? 

Dean: "Yeah officially it rolls over to the Council President which is Vinny DiGilio. You know I was under anesthesia, you know that light one? But the reality is, it's not like with the President where you have to turn over everything. If it was a long-term issue Vinny would have taken charge. Vinny actually ran the meeting that night, he's our council President and working with our council leadership Warren Levy and Mike Henry with the council they addressed the agenda that we had prepared for that night and they did a great job. Overall. God forbid if something happens to me as Mayor, Vinny DiGilio and you know, you saw it with Joe Cavo. Joe stepped up when Mayor Mark left mid-term and became Mayor. So if something even more serious happened to me you know Vinny will step up and take charge." 


Lou: I don't just throw "I love you" around but I told you I love you and you didn't say it back. 

Dean: "I know man I loved that too! I was a little bit bummed out I didn't realize you were sick the same week with the dreaded COVID. But you guys have been very good to me and you know the people of Danbury, I've been getting a lot of how you doing and a lot of calls and things like that. I actually got a card from Congresswoman Hayes, Jahana Hayes checking up on me so it's pretty special. I'm feeling great now everything is going well so I want to thank everybody out there for that." 

You can listen to our entire interview with Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito below. We also discussed the Danbury Mall housing plan and two community events scheduled for September 16th.

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