On Thursday (10/05/23) Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito joined the I-95 Morning Show in his regular weekly spot.

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We knew this would be an interesting interview as it came on the heels of a discussion we had with his opponent Roberto Alves the day prior. We played the Mayor some clips of the Alves discussion and asked him for reaction. The first clip we played was about a lawsuit filed against the Mayor and others.

Ethan: Can you speak on this Dean? 

Mayor: "Yeah I can speak on it, obviously I did receive a summons, it says civil summons. I was at my house on Saturday, I hate to say this but I was bringing out the garbage and a gentleman walked up and served me with papers. I'm looking at it, I read through it and the plaintiff is Roberto Alves with regards to the Independent Party which I'm honored to get, I got endorsed by and unfortunately it seems Roberto took it hard. He did not get the endorsement and we did and unfortunately he's making an attempt to get either press out of it or whatever. The reality is we accepted the summons, the serving and unfortunately Jan Giegler our Town Clerk is involved in that and Veasna Rouen who is the Independent Party chair was listed on that and the Secretary of State is on there as well. So I guess the Secretary of State wielded their power and got out of it but we've been in court for two days now and it's disappointing to think that Roberto is going to take the opportunity for a frivolous lawsuit like this against me, especially because I was just really endorsed by the party. So, it's kind of unbelievable that he would go to this extent to try to either get press or make me look bad I guess."

Lou: Just hearing that gave me the shivers, I can't imagine it's so annoying. 

Mayor: "You know Lou you're absolutely right. This is the honor of my life to be the Mayor of the city I was born and raised in. To have something like this come forward which is obviously a political ploy, you know I can't even utilize the city services as far as attorneys, I have to get my own attorney which means I have to pay for it. The reality is I'm going to fight it until the end and I know that we're right. Jan Giegler, our Town Clerk did everything by the book, she's a former State Representative, she knows what the deal is. Roberto was actually at that meeting from what I remember, we went in there to see who they were going to endorse and then everything broke loose and there was a kind of a coup going on but in the end I think Veasna Rouen, the Chairman and the members of that particular party line did the right thing. They had to hold up the meeting to get legal opinion and the next thing I know, I'm getting served at the dumpster, right?"

Dave: Dean can you say what the basis of this is? Roberto referred our questions to his attorney. 

Mayor: "I heard that it sounded like he was grasping for something to say unfortunately. I don't know the true basis of why I was actually brought into the suit. I attended that meeting like we do every couple of years looking for the support of the Independent Party. We give them the opportunity to select who they think would be the best candidate for Mayor and council and other positions and obviously they selected me and most of my ticket. Unfortunately the Democratic side got upset about that and tried to bring it to the next level with legal action and I just don't understand it. You've got to accept what happens out there, the reality was he lost that day and I won in terms of the Independent Party endorsement and I'm proud to take that endorsement." 

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Listen to the rest of the interview below.

You can listen to the entire unedited Thursday (10/05/23) interview with Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito below.

We just wanted to do some good radio and hear from the leaders in town and look where are now, right in the middle of a steamy mess.

P.S. I said it during the interview and I'm saying it again for the record if I get a subpoena for any reason, I will make a terrible mockery of the entire process. You might as well start objecting right now.

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