According to the News Times the city of Danbury has announced it's leaf pickup schedule for this year. The pickup season runs from Oct 22nd until Nov. 30th and is divided into two zones, each with their own schedules.

  • Section A - South of 84 in the 06810 zip code starts pickup Oct. 22nd-Oct 26th.
  • Section B - North of 84 in the 06811 zip code starts pickup from Oct 29th - Nov. 2nd.

The weeks then rotate until the end of the season. 

What you need to do:

The leaves have to be curbside in paper bags with no tape on the bags, the bags can't be plastic, large tree stumps, rocks and dirt won't be collected. Blah, blah, rules. 

This is my big season to get out in the yard. I love summer lawn care but fall lawn care is a whole other experience. The sad part is I'm not even being mildly sarcastic about looking forward to this, lawn care is my jam.


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