On your mark, get set, and go. The new track at Danbury High School is complete and ready for the spring season.

We reported on this story about the Danbury Track back in early July. As soon as graduation ceremonies ended, the old track was ripped up and the work began on a long awaited new track for the highly successful Danbury High School track team.

Danbury's Mayor Mark Boughton released a video message on social media, saying "it's important to get the new track completed and installed by the end of November so that it can be used for the next track season in the spring of 2020". Boughton also mentioned the $1.5 million investment into the athletic facility so that a new track could be installed.

City of Danbury image from Facebook
City of Danbury image from Facebook

So here we are in the beginning of November and the track is complete, slightly ahead of schedule. Now all that has to be done is wait a short while for the paint dry, and then let the games begin again.

The Danbury Track and Field program has amassed an enormous amount of championships since 2000. Danbury can stake claim to 14 cross country, 12 indoor and 16 outdoor titles in the FCIAC alone. The team also has a number of state championships.

The new track was needed badly since the last track was installed back in 2002 and had a ten-year life span. So technically, it should have been replaced back in 2012 or 2013, however city planners didn't start exploring the idea for a new track until 2015 and 2016, when then the track was in need of serious repairs.

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