Danbury School Superintendent, Sal Pascarella feels that social media played an integral role in the recent altercations at Danbury High.

Danbury Schools FB Page
Danbury Schools FB Page

During late November a number of fights broke out between different groups of students while camera phones were recording the action. Punches were being thrown and students were being thrown to the ground.

A video was circulating and obtained by Hearst Media and shared through Snapchat. The song titled, "We're All In This Together" from Disney's "High School Musical" plays in the background.

School officials believe that antagonistic social media posts between students have fanned the flames of fear and anxiety with both parents and students.

According to an article on the website ctinsider.com, Danbury High Principal Dan Donovan and school officials have organized mediation sessions with various students but it appears the social media posts continue to exacerbate the situation. Donovan said,

Social media is a world of its own. For years, we've been talking about being responsible social users, but for some reasons it seems society, not just Danbury High School is losing this battle.

This is one of the fundamental reasons that school superintendent Pascarella has assembled a task force in the wake of these student fights. The goal is to cultivate communication with families and work on conflicts in neighborhoods that may have led to the student battles.

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