While we all enjoy having the day off and the Memorial Day parties we may attend, the point of the holiday is to honor American military personnel who have died defending our freedom.

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Memorial Day used to be known as Decoration Day which was established after the Civil War as was a way to remember the record number of American lives lost in the war. The holiday remained specific to the memory of Civil War soldiers for many years.

Eventually, Decoration Day would become a way to remember soldiers who died in battle in every American War. Decoration Day became Memorial Day and was officially named a federal holiday in 1971.

Most people don't put a second thought into visiting the grave of a lost loved one on Memorial Day. You go to the cemetery to visit the spirit of someone who fought for their country and most times you will see a flag. If you didn't put that flag there, someone else did, someone who has a deep appreciation for the sacrifices of these men, these women and their families.

In many cases, your local cemetery operates on a very limited budget so keeping these expansive properties clean and well organized can be difficult. It's not uncommon for volunteers to play a role in a cemetery looking it's best.

Danbury Group Places Flags on Veteran's Graves Ahead of Memorial Day

A small group of volunteers that included Danbury Mayoral candidate Dean Esposito gathered on Sunday morning (5/23/21) in Wooster Cemetery. The workers were there to dress up the gravesites of American war veterans ahead of Memorial Day. 

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