The new 7-11 convenience mart and gas station had people driving by doing a double take on Sunday evening when they took a look at the gas price sign.

The 7-11 isn't even opened yet, but were they trying to tell us something, or give us a sign of whats to come.

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On Sunday night my wife and I were driving home and when we approched the new, soon to open 7-11. My wife got a glimpse of the sign and proceeded to shout out "what the hell".....

As we got a little closer to the sign I noticed what she was talking about. Was this going to be their gas price, or just maybe someone was testing out the new sign and decided to have some fun? Either way it was kind of surreal.

Now was the person there who was testing the sign just back from the future? Or maybe the sign was manufactured in California where this is generally the normal price for gas.

Unfortunately since the store and gas station aren't opened yet, look for their official opening sometime in the next few weeks. There was no one to reach for comment, but I'm sure the sign was just being tested.

The new 7-11 will include a convenience mart and also a Laredo Taco Company eatery.

The 6,650 square foot site at 106A Federal Road in Danbury had been the home of a Bennigan's Restaurant, but had been vacant since the restaurant closed in 2007. Before it was a Bennigan’s, the site had been the home of a laundry list of restaurants, including Alligator Alley, Rumba’s, Rattlesnake Grill, and Spencer’s Steak House.

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