Their expertise is fighting fires but members of the Danbury Fire Department are proud to serve in many other ways when they get the call.

This feelgood story comes to us from the Danbury Fire Department's FB page about a couple traveling from Florida to Maine who decided to make a stop in Danbury to spend the night. One of the passengers needed a Hoyer lift to get from the powered wheelchair to the bed.

For whatever reason, the lift failed to operate so they jumped on the phone calling everyone they knew who might be able to help, even the manufacturers, but reached a dead end.

Out of options in the middle of an unfamiliar city, they picked up the phone one last time and called Danbury 9-1-1. Soon after that call, Tac 1 and Car 30 pulled up to the hotel ready to lend a hand.


Within 15 minutes after the firefighters arrived, the Hoyer Lift was up and running! They even helped the person get from the chair to the bathroom and into bed. Mission accomplished!

Bravo to the men and women of the Danbury Fire Department: Always Ready!

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