Being in the middle of a pandemic rearranges the playing field for most of the things that we normally take for granted, and with the Christmas season in full effect, it becomes especially hard for the kids.

So leave it up to the Danbury Fire Department to keep the magic of Christmas alive, and to give the kids an opportunity to see Santa.

This past weekend, in many Danbury neighborhoods, the Christmas spirit was alive and well, and the kids got to see the man of the hour....Santa.

According to the Danbury Fire Department Facebook page, every year, many days of planning go into the "Santa Run". It's a lot of work, but this year it became a labor of love as many volunteers stepped up to bring some holiday spirit and to bring Santa to the kids in the safest way possible.

The interaction between Santa and the kids had to be limited, not only to keep the kids safe, but to keep firefighters safe as well. So they came up with the idea of a "Santa Drive By", similar to what they did for birthdays and special occasions back in the spring.

Safety measures were put in place so that the kids could actually see Santa, get a social distance picture with him, and have the volunteers hand out hundreds of candy canes.

A battalion 31 spokesperson had this to say on the DFD Facebook page:
Every year we LOVE to see the excitement on all the kids faces. We do this out of our own time and this brings a lot of joy to us and makes it so worth it. This year-we were BLOWN AWAY. We had Christmas lights strung up and down our fire trucks and our lights flashing bright, we beeped our horns and played a few tunes. Adults ran out of their homes in slippers and socks-across their lawns and driveways, waving in the air and cheering us on. Children clapping, jumping up and down singing and screaming. People stopped their cars and couldn’t help to get out and take videos and smile and sing. We came back to our firehouse after being out for 8+ hours for two days straight and had voicemails on our answering machines from people we have never met before thanking us for making this year a little brighter! We got so much more out of the “Santa Run” this year than we ever could have expected. We understand it has been a tough year on everyone, but one thing is certain, we have a strong community. So thank you to our amazing Danbury Community, you never cease to amaze us! Happy Holidays to Everyone! Stay safe and Be Well!
Check out some of the photo's from all the fire company's in the city that participated:

Danbury Fire Department Santa Run 2020

Santa Hats (6)
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