The Danbury's Farmers' Market is stronger today than it was yesterday thanks to a grant from the Fairfield County Community Foundation.

According to a press release issued by City Center on Wednesday (5/12/21), the agency recently gave the Farmers' Market $13,250. That money will allow the Farmers' Market to continue getting healthy food to families who may have difficulty accessing it.

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Peggy Zamore is the Markets Program Director and had this to say of the generous grant:

"Over the past twelve years, the Fairfield County's Community Foundation has awarded the Danbury Farmers' Market Community Collaborative about $300,000. This significant level of funding is hugely appreciated by the Collaborative and the Danbury Community. The goal is not just to provide subsistence food for calories, but nutritious high quality fresh food for health. Without Fairfield County's Community Foundation's continued support, our health-promoting incentive programs would simply not be possible."

City Center is the organization behind the Farmers' Market and many of the arts and entertainment programs that drive residents and out of town visitors into the Downtown area of Danbury.

If you'd like to visit the Danbury Farmers' Market, it runs every Friday 10 AM -2 PM from June 25 to October 29. It's located at the Danbury Railway Museum parking lot at 120 White Street.

Past vendors include but are not limited to; Clatter Valley Farm, Killiam & Bassette Farmstead, LLC, Smith's Acres, Sullivan Farm, DoggyLicious All Natural Dog Treats and Pet Jerky and Mitchell Farm.

You can find more information on the Danbury Farmers' Market or apply to become a vendor by visiting their website.

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