There's a new Facebook group in the Greater Danbury area rising up to confront the challenges of everyday life in a not so everyday (COVID-19) world. The group is called; "It takes a Village: COVID 19 Danbury Outreach." People who are having trouble going about their daily routines can request help there and others can offer assistance.

My wife told me about this new group on Facebook yesterday (3/16/20) where people all throughout the Greater Danbury area have been helping people do everything from shopping to laundry. There's also a healthy exchange of information about services in our area which can be key in the midst of such a fluid situation.

In one instance someone just over the line in New York was unable to find diapers for their child, saying that the stores by them had sold out. A person in the group made note of this and generated a post asking for people to share diapers if they were able.

This is just the kind of thing that makes me so proud to be a Danbury resident. It's really our whole area, the generosity of the people in our area knows no bounds and I've seen it first hand while doing Camping for Cans with my colleagues at I-95 raising money each year for the Hillside Food Outreach.

The folks in our local area are always quick to lend a hand or a dollar to help someone else out without making anyone have to experience shame. If you are a person who would like to offer help or needs some kind of assistance this Facebook group is a great first stop.


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