Spencer Boyd will be driving the No.  20 car in this weekend's NASCAR truck series in Las Vegas, and he'll be doing so while representing Danbury's American Pavement Specialists.

The business was founded in 1992 by Bill and Colleen Stanley Jr., and their home base is 79 Crosby Street in Danbury, CT.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was fired up about the news. Of course, he's supportive of local business but also happens to be an avid NASCAR fan, so he was delighted to learn of the sponsorship and to share the news on Twitter.

We spoke to Mayor Mark about it this morning, and he could hardly contain his excitement. Here's how the interview went:

From a personal standpoint, I'm really happy for the Stanley family. My wife is close personal friends with their daughter-in-law Tanya, and we attend the same church as Bill, Colleen, Tanya and Billy Stanley.

They are good, hard working people, and if you've run into them around town, you know they are all always smiling. Congratulations, Stanley family, and to the entire team at American Paving Specialists.

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