Are we officially barking at each other in the Hat City? Because, if we are barking, I'm all in.

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Before I even hit play on this TikTok video, I chose sides. You see the guy in the orange shirt? Look at his face, I've seen that look, I've had that look many times. If the term "enough is enough" had a face, that would be it. This video was published to TikTok by @winniethepoohsbutthole on September 7th, I found it on October 13th. Take a look for yourself and see why 70,000 people have viewed it already.

@winniethepoohsbutthole Don’t bark at people in Danbury Connecticut #danburyct #college #beers #nelk ♬ original sound - Wyatt Hartman

There are important questions to ask as we judge from our ivory towers, or whatever. What did we see take place? What did we not see take place? We saw a guy that looks frustrated bark like a dog in the face of a younger person in a car. What we did not see is what led to that. Were the younger people barking? Who were they barking at, and for how long?

No crimes were committed from what I can see. The real crime is, that I never get to see these things in person. It's probably better this way, better that I see things a month after they happen, through the lens of TikTok.

In honor of this video, I am proposing a "bark-off" challenge. We set a field of 64, of the best human barkers in Danbury, set rankings and develop a March Madness style barking tournament. We go to WestConn's basketball court, the Palace Theater or use the band shell on the green and throw the show of a lifetime. We charge admission, everyone can bring their dogs and all the proceeds go to the Danbury Animal Shelter. Look, now I just turned multiple problems into a bucket of solutions.

P.S. I was going to let this fade into oblivion but it made me laugh, and I want others to laugh as well. The joke is on me though, because there is no way, I'm not somehow connected to orange shirt man. We probably go to the same church, or he works with  my wife or my sister, or he'll coach one of my kids next year. All of this stuff always blows back on me. Even though, all I did was say, "hey, look at this."

OLIVE BRANCH: If you are the man in the orange shirt, I am giving you an open and heartfelt invite to join us on the I-95 Morning Show to tell your side of the story. This is a short, one-sided tale that has been distributed. The Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Show are anger sympathizers. Reach out to us, and we'll drop what we are doing to talk. This could be the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship, we could end up, dogs for life, who knows?

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on Friday (10/21/22), listen below.

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