Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Joredin Ashe grew up in a family dedicated to military service. He's also is a 2015 graduate of Henry Abbott Technical School in Danbury.

Ashe has been assigned as a boatswain's mate to the Naval Submarine Base in New London, the Navy's first submarine base and "Home of the Submarine Force." 

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The submarine service is known by many as the "Silent Service" because the operations of U.S. Naval submarines are classified to the general public. Ashe is assigned to the submarine bases' Port Operations department, ensuring that piers are maintained. He's also part of a team responsible for submarines arriving and departing safely from the Naval Submarine Base New London. Here's is what he told;

At Abbott Tech, I learned to be resilient and to see the positive things in a negative situation. With all the negativity in our world, it can be hard to find a 'lighthouse' and I want to be that lighthouse to help people find some peace.

Ashe works in a branch of the military where fast attack submarines are designed to chase down and engage any foreign subs or surface ships that threaten the United States.

90 percent of all trade travels by sea and 95 percent of worldwide phone and internet communications lay on the ocean floor inside fiber optic cables. It's the Navy's responsibility to maintain and protect the security of the United States. Thie following video of the USS Providence being guided into New London's Naval Submarine Base will bring tears to your eyes.

Highly trained, Danbury native, Petty Officer 2nd class Joredin Ashe is part of the military machinery that keeps this country safe and secure and is proud of the part he plays as a member of the U.S. Navy's "Silent Service."

From all of us here at Townsquare Media Danbury, THANK YOU Joredin Ashe for your service and what you do to keep our country safe!

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