If your Dad or husband is a die hard beef eater, taking him out for a steak dinner on Father's Day is a carnivore-tastic idea!
In alphabetical order, here are some outstanding steak restaurants in the greater Danbury area that I personally recommend, or I've heard and read great things about.

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    This is, by far, the restaurant in Danbury that's creating the biggest buzz. The Black Angus Grill is located at 5 Eagle Road in Danbury, across from the Holiday Inn. Friends of mine are raving about the steaks, the sides, the drinks, and the service. Pretty much everything! And the brunch, my God the brunch. Black Angus is a bit pricey, but worth every single penny. Call 203-826-7406.

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    Located right next to Hole #1 at the Richter Park Golf Course at 100 Aunt Hack Road, Cafe On The Green has been consistently one of the best restaurants in Danbury for years. Their Filet Mignon topped with a light Gorgonzola brandy sauce is to die for. Call 203-791-0369.

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    Castello is located at 2 Padanaram Road, across from the North Shopping Center and is a gourmet Italian Ristorante. This is a great idea if your dining party doesn't share your love of red meat. Their chicken, veal, seafood, and pork dishes are incredible. My recommendation for you steak lovers is the 12oz Prime Sirloin Cut Steak, which I love cooked medium rare. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Chuck's has been a Danbury institution since 1973, and seems to be packed all the time! Located at 20 Segar St. in Danbury, Chucks features your favorite steaks in every price range from tenderloin to t-bone. My personal favorite is the 10oz Filet, and their salad bar is outrageous. Be careful not to fill up on bread and salad, which is very easy to do. Call 203-792-5555.

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    Jim Barberie's is yet another Danbury tradition when it comes to the restaurants. Born in 1961, Barberie's features the finest steaks and seafood, along with chops and pasta all reasonably priced. Barberies is another restaurant that is always packed. My fav is JB's 16oz Delmonico Rib Eye and the Filet Mignon Gorgonzola. JB's is located at 47 Padanaram Rd.  right next to Dom's Garden Shop. Call 203-743-3287.

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    We swing on over to restaurant row on Mill Plain Rd. to Marketplace at 33 Mill Plain. I've not had the pleasure of dining at Marketplace, but I've heard great things about their Allen Brothers NY Strip served with garlic mashed potatoes and cippollini onions. Call 203-616-5836.

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    O'Brien's is located at 83 Lake Ave. and features authentic Irish food like Banger's and Mash and homemade Shepard's Pie AND a kick ass Rib-Eye and Strip steak. Prices are a bit more reasonable because of the pub-like atmosphere but reasonable doesn't mean a sacrifice in quality. If you're intensely hungry, I'd go with either the basket of hand made cheese fries or Carlo's Lobster Bisque. Call 203-628-7108.

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    Can you say Tomahawk Bone-In Ribeye? This 35oz piece of meat is available only at Outback. A tiny island in the Galapogos could dine on this monster hunk of tender juicy red meat! What I love about Outback is they offer options on the size of your steak. My favorite is the 10oz Victoria's Filet Mignon cooked medium rare. You can cut it with your fork. Outback is located at 116 Newtown Rd. next to the La Quinta Hotel. Call 203-790-1124.