Simply Codes went through thousands of gift searches to find the most popular, unique and trendy Father's Day gifts for 2021 in each state and CT's is pretty weird.

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The Nutmeg State is going wild this year for a gift that will make you feel buck wild or buck naked, shorts with built-in underwear.

The company Birddogs makes the industry leading short pant with underwear and they are extremely popular here in CT. Under normal circumstanced you'd say, that's just a bathing suit but they don't build underwear into just shorts, they do it with khakis too.


These things run about $65 and while they look sleek, keep em. I don't need shorts for $65 and i most certainly will not tolerate an underwear combo pack. Your underwear are in place for a reason to protect your pants from your rear. If everything is in one unit, it defeats the purpose. (Yes, I am talking about what you think I am talking about).

So, what are our neighbors getting on Father's Day? New Yorkers are shopping for Trees and Plants for Dad and New Jersey is gifting "colorful things." That's right if it's bright or rainbow colored, New Jersey residents are swinging and missing with multi-colored playing cards, straws, notebooks and puzzles.

These three gift ideas are further proof that no one understands us, they never will (I'm a dad). This holiday is not about 2 in 1 pants, rainbow colored straws or plants, it's about leaving Dad alone to breathe, eat and sleep. He does not want a bush or un-s---table pants, he wants freedom.

Maybe you can give him a day where everyone is out of the house, a day in the backyard with his pals or an uninterrupted afternoon in the garage.

Why am I complaining in advance of the holiday? Because my Father's Day is already ruined, I was informed we are doing precisely what I don't want to do, going to someone's house for a meal.

DAD DOES NOT WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Father's Day, George is getting upset!

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