Connecticut's tax incentive program for filmmakers has yielded less than impressive results according to a report published by West Fair Online. The study revealed that CT and other states with similar programs are not seeing the expected return on investment for the credits being given.

The study was conducted by University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy. Representatives from the Motion Picture Association disagree with the study's overall results. MPA Senior Vice President Vans Stevenson had this to say of the findings:

“It is unfortunate that a well-respected academic institution that counts some of the greatest filmmakers, directors, and actors among its alumni, is promoting this fundamentally flawed research, Reputable economists have found that Prof. Michael Thom’s previous work had serious deficiencies, and this study is no different.”

Economic findings, tax lingo, it's all too much for my brain, let's just make more films here. Can we do that? Everyone who lives in the Greater Danbury Area remembers the excitement surrounding "Mr Deeds" being filmed in New Milford. It was a fun time, some locals got to be in the film, many people met the actors and it helped bolster local business.

Let's get that going again, if you are a filmmaker, you should want to film your movie in CT, there's not too many places that are more picturesque. Call me, let's do lunch and we will work this out.

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