"Karen" is no longer a name, it's part of the American lexicon.

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Calling an angry, obnoxious, pushy, racist, middle-aged white woman "a Karen" is also the most popular slang word/phrase in the State of CT, according to QuillBot.

The grammar app conducted a study where they analyzed Google data to find the most popular slang words/terms, in each state and Karen was the most popular in the Nutmeg State, and 19 others, including New York.

How about this? What if your actual name is Karen? Just think about this, every time they are introduced to someone, that person IS making some comment about whether or not you are "a Karen." If that is not an agitating reality, I don't know what is.

Humans are painfully predictable. I'm a redhead and I cannot tell you how many times I've had to speak for all redheads and answer dumb ass questions. People will do anything to break social tension, and "anything" usually means, they resort to saying predictable things, citing stereotypes or leaning on clichés.

These poor Karens out here cannot be having a great time. If you are an actual birth- certificate-Karen, I'm truly sorry on behalf of humanity. You drew the short-straw in this whole deal, and there is only one group to blame, "Karens." These entitled middle-aged women have ruined plenty of days but now, they've ruined entire lives.

Moving on, what was the second most popular slang term? That distinction was given to "cap." What is cap? According to QuillBot, the cap definition reads like this:

"To lie or exaggerate about something, while “no cap” means to tell the truth."

I got to the bottom of that definition, a few months ago after I heard my boys saying "cap" in the kitchen. How sad is that? I came from a generation that was infamous for creating new, innovative and exciting words, and I'm the old-guy now. We had some of the best slang in the 90's, things like:

  • Phat - great, fat booty
  • Ass - Bad
  • Moosh - to shove someone's face
  • Creep - to hit on a girl, or to obsess over a girl, or to mull around in an awkward way
  • Beef - Fight
  • Beefin' - Fighting
  • Buster - Loser
  • Flossing - to show off
  • Not! - Sorry, I was kidding
  • Scrub - A loser
  • Crunk - Turning up (see "Turn up" definition).
  • Sup - What is up with you?
  • Buggin' out - Getting crazy
  • Busting on - to make fun of
  • Pimp - to be cool
  • Pimpin' - to be cool
  • Chickenhead - Tramp
  • Boo - Significant other
  • Bling - Jewelry
  • Knockin' Boots - Sex
  • Herb - Dork
  • Audi 5000 - to leave
  • Bounce - to leave
  • Dip - to leave or the act of leaving
  • Ghost - to leave
  • Swerve - to leave in a pimp ass manner (we left a lot)
  • Squash - to end a dispute
  • Smash - Sex
  • A-yo, bus it - Listen up
  • Peep - Look
  • Break yourself - this is telling someone they should hand over their wallet, watch and in some cases, their shoes.

I even came up with so many of my own words, I call a head, a "head piece", my friends and I called everything that was bad; "booty" and who could forget "feel me?" I used to call things that were over-the-top, "neck." We bent and twisted the English language to unrecognizable and hilarious pretzels. But now, I'm the one who does not know what "the kids" are saying. It's sad to know-that, but it's even sadder for me to admit it.

Here are some of the other popular slang words for 2022:

  • Simp - Idiot
  • Woke - to be politically correct

Look, Karen, Cap, Simp and Woke, are stupid. Go compare them to the 90's list and tell me our s--- wasn't way better.

P.S. This is my favorite form of comedy, transforming and creating new words. Words are literally all we have and playing around with them brings me great joy.

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