In my mind, anyone who participated in this crime should carry out their entire sentence behind bars.

Sadly a horrific tale of brutality, and a savage revenge killing was unfolding in New Milford Connecticut back in 1997. I can't imagine many people living in the state at the time didn't know of the tragic tale of the life and death of young Maryann Measles. Here's the latest news.

The time line from Oct. of 1997 to May of 2006 in the kidnap and murder of Maryann Measles of New Milford was detailed in the News Times back in 2006. It's chilling and heartbreakingly sad. The light shinned glaringly on what jealous young women and depraved men were capable of doing to another human being.

The story of Measles disappearance and ultimately the discovery of her body nine months later was part of the news cycle for years. The story resurfaced again recently when  reported that one of the defendants convicted of killing Measles has been denied parole. Maggie Mae Bennett's request for early release was turned down by the state parole board on June 13th. Bennett was sentenced to 19 years in prison for her role in the kidnapping and gang killing of the 13-year-old Measles. She was one of seven people convicted in the revenge killing.

May Maryann's mother, family, and friends continue to heal and find some peace. May the good memories of Maryann never go away, and may all of those involved in her murder continue to do their time for this horrendous crime. Rest in Peace Maryann.

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