A report out of the Patch got the conversation juices flowing Tuesday (5/31/22) on the Ethan and Lou Show.

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The Patch article states that CT has entered "prime moose sighting season." The basic idea being, if you're going to see a moose in the Nutmeg State, now would be the most likely time. However, the article warns that while moose numbers are up since the 70's and 80's, they are still very low, statewide.

This got us talking, and we asked the Ethan and Lou listeners if they've ever seen a moose in the Greater Danbury area.

Then, we got a message from Johnny Ham in New Milford who said he has, and had the photos to back this statement up.

Johnny Ham - New Milford
Johnny Ham - New Milford

He added that these photos were taken in Carlson's Grove back in 2013.

Johnny Ham - New Milford
Johnny Ham - New Milford

Other messages came flooding in to the I-95 Rock Mobile app. These are just a few of them:

Cake Lady - Mahopac - "There was a moose MANY years ago."

Carolyn - Danbury - "Years ago, I’m driving east on 84, and as I pass exit 15 something on the ramp caches my eye. But I’m past it in a flash, so I’m not trusting what I thought I saw, until later I hear it on the radio - a moose was in Southbury. Also - might’ve been same year - a moose was seen (not by me) hanging out with the farm animals at Muscoot (Rt 100 in Westchester). So, it wasn’t random moose sightings that gave I95 the mascot back in the day? Was it wishful thinking?"

Dr. Evil - New Milford - "Does moose knuckle sightings count? Seen a few of those."

Doctor V - Danbury - "A couple years ago, I saw a moose in the New Milford Hospital parking lot!"

Sure, there are varying degrees of "helpfulness" when it comes to these messages but I appreciate all of them. If you want to message the Ethan & Lou Show on I-95, download the I-95 Rock Mobile app to your phone. It's free and easy to do at Google Play or the App Store.

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