There's a burning passion in this Connecticut town for providing dogs a better life.

90 minutes southeast of Danbury rests the town of Bloomfield, where they take their dogs seriously. The animal rescue group Dog Star Rescue has one mission, and that's "guiding dogs to a brighter life."

If you're a passionate dog lover like I am, this group of dedicated individuals will make your heart smile. Dog Star Rescue's fundraising director, Wendy Dobrindt, told WFSB how they bought their own van, which they aptly named 'The Bark Bus.'

Inside, you'll find specially made crates where stray dogs hitch a ride from North Carolina and South Carolina to Connecticut so they won't be euthanized. According to, in Connecticut, approximately 91.4% of cats and dogs are saved every year. But, unfortunately, in North and South Carolina, only between 70 and 80% percent of cats and dogs are saved from being euthanized.

Donations from the community are subsidizing the Bark Bus. Between you and I, I've been toying with the idea of starting up a dog walking business and possibly a dog sitting service when I finally retire.

I've been kickin' around names for the business, like, 'Hangin' With the Dawgs' or 'Let the Dogs Out.' What do you think so far? How about, 'Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog Walking Service'? This could be the one! Ready? 'Ethan's Do Wah Diggity Dog Walking Service!' Mic-Drop!

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