If you've been staying at home the last couple of months, you may or may not be aware that it's turned into the Wild Wild West out on the roads. Speed limits, traffic lights and common sense are pretty much just a suggestion at this point. Well, the CT State Police have noticed, and they are ready for you.

A quick check of the State Police's Facebook page shows that they are not messing around when it comes to speeders.

In a series of posts yesterday, the Police warned CT drivers to slow down. Some of the warnings have been stern, while some have brought a little sarcasm to the table.

The department took their Facebook followers on a virtual ride-along and documented some of their speeding stops.

And in proof that crime does not pay, the department shared a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the driver getting caught with a rather large supply of drugs. Word to the wise: if you have a staggering amount of drugs in your car, you might not want to be doing nearly 90 MPH on I-84.

At the risk of sounding like one of those "get off my lawn" people, I have to say the State Police have a point. I mean yes, there are fewer cars on the road and likely fewer police. But some of the driving I've seen lately has just been mind-boggling. Working where we do, pretty much right at the end of the Super 7 connector, I say a Hail Mary every time I have to make the right turn to get on 7 from Federal Road, even if my light's been green for 10 seconds. You never know when someone is going to decide to just run it.

I won't say I haven't enjoyed a couple seconds of pedal to the metal myself (although State Police if you're reading this I won't say I HAVE, either.) Yes, it was kind of a novelty driving around on nearly empty roads. With the shutdown coming towards some sort of end, I've already noticed more cars on the roads and they might not be as battle-tested as those of us who have been grinding out a commute every day. So cut 'em a little slack, slow down, and for cryin' out loud stop at the red lights. You may now return to my lawn.

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