Should this law be a reality, or get tossed into the kitty litter box?

I've always had cats, house cats if you will. My kitties never went out and roamed around, but I still always got all the required shots for my cats. I've had dogs as well, and they were always licensed. Not many people would  even consider the idea of licensing a house cat. But it may be a valid idea.

In a story from a Connecticut state lawmaker is proposing that house cats be licensed by the state. State Representative Kelly Luxenberg reasons that licensing would be a good way to remind people to have their cat spayed or neutered. That alone would be a plus for all those poor homeless, feral cats out on the streets.

Luxenberg believes that licensing would go a long way in helping owners to find lost cats. If the license was the same eight-dollars it costs to license a dog, the measure would raise over six-million dollars for the state of Connecticut.

As I researched this story I came across information from hosted by the American Bird Conservatory, that offers an entire fact sheet for anyone proposing legislation. We're talking serious stuff here people, that includes cat control and restraint, enforcement of laws and more. Very interesting read. So I wish State Rep Luxenberg luck in getting this one through the system.

And because I couldn't resist the lighter side of this. Sit back and enjoy this classic Monty Pythons Flying Circus sketch that moves from fish, to cats, to bees in one hilarious bit.

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