"NBC Connecticut Investigates" goes deep into the abuse at Tails of Courage.

NBC Connecticut Investigates has discovered that State Animal Control Officers have been keeping an eye on the animal rescue business, Tails of Courage for years.

In July of 2018, the City of Danbury filed a lawsuit against Tails of Courage citing animal abuse amidst deplorable conditions. A series of violation notices, a cease and desist order and animal cruelty charges were leveled against one employee according to an article on fox61.com.

Danbury dropped its lawsuit against the animal rescue when Tails of Courage decided to close down their Danbury location with plans to move it to a larger facility in Wolcott, CT. Shortly after the Wolcott location opened, families began coming forward with tearful stories about sick and dying puppies. According to a report from nbcconnecticut.com, town officials in Wolcott never gave Tails of Courage approval for kennel operations.

group of five dogs
Zoonar/Erik Lam

According to the Department of Agriculture, complaints about Tails of Courage began in 2013 and others followed in 2014. In December of 2017, animal control workers found 61 animals where photos detailed dirty 'unacceptable conditions," along with thirsty and crying animals.

To view all the official detailed charges against Tails of Courage, click on nbcconnecticut.com. When "NBC Investigates" asked the Department of Agriculture Commissioner for an interview, they were told they weren't able to comment on Tales of Courage because the investigation is still ongoing.

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