CT's Gold Coast is a playground for the rich and famous, it's also a place Harvey Weinstein once called home.

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Weinstein's monstrous reign is over and his time in the sandbox has ended. However, his residue remains in the form of two pieces of property on the coast of Westport, CT.

According to a Monday article from Dirt, this too shall pass because the mansion Harvey called home has been demolished. Weinstein sold the properties in the midst of legal troubles in 2018 and they are on sale again.

CT Properties Once Owned by Harvey Weinstein For Sale For $21 Million

According to Dirt, there are two properties in Westport, CT that just went on sale for a combined $21 million. These properties are currently owned by Andrew Bentley and Fiona Garland but the previous owner was Harvey Weinstein. The news has CT residents rushing to their screens to get a look at a place Weinstein once called home

It certainly is a monster sale. Yes, I know that was gratuitous word play but it is a temptation that is unavoidable for me. Wherever there might be a pun, I'm going pun, wherever puns are horribly inappropriate, boom, here comes a pun. I love puns and my comedy is getting dumber and more childlike as I get older. My story is the Curious Case of Punjamin Button.

We talked about the Weinstein news on the Wednesday edition (4/12/23) of the I-95 Morning Show. It reminded us of the time Comedian Lisa Lampanelli roasted Weinstein on our show.

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