The Fourth of July weekend in Connecticut was hampered by random juvenile crimes in the state including shootings, auto theft, and illegal use of firearms.

According to, a mother in Glastonbury was shot at while attempting to clear a group of teens who were trying to rip off the family car. Stolen vehicles by teens were reported in Enfield and Southbury. In addition, the town of Wolcott reported a senior center was destroyed, burglarized, and vandalized on June 28.

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CT State Rep Gale Mastrofrancesco is calling for reforms in the juvenile justice system. She and her Republican colleagues have signed a petition to lobby for a special legislative session to discuss those reforms. During a small rally to voice her concerns, Mastrofrancesco stated, "People should not have to feel unsafe in their own driveway, while jogging on the sidewalk, or fear losing their life to senseless crimes that can be avoided with accountability and consequences."


Connecticut Legislature
Connecticut Legislature

Last evening, Mindy and I received a robocall from New Fairfield First Selectman, Pat DelMonaco, advising residents to lock their cars, especially overnight, due to a series of auto break-ins.

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