The Bridgeport Police Department is investigating a possible shooting after a 911 call late Monday night (12/9/19).

According to the CT Post, police say they are investigating after a man reportedly called 911 Monday to report he had been shot in the shoulder and was transporting himself to the hospital. Authorities did mention they had not found anything while searching an area of interest at P.T. Barnum in the 100 block of Taylor Drive. This is all the information available as of this morning (12/10/19).

This report leads me to today's burning question: you are shot and you need to decide to wait for an ambulance or drive yourself to the hospital, what do you do? I think this decision needs to be weighed carefully and quickly. Any police officer, medical professional or doctor will tell you to wait for the ambulance.

I have to agree with the pros on this one. This is not a feature film. You are bleeding, you are panicked and your chances of making a mistake go way up if you, ya know, you have been shot. Call the professionals and sit the next few plays out. You can can save the action hero moves for when you get your arm stuck in a Swather blade, alone and need to decide to amputate.

We see a lot of things in movies that make certain things seem a lot easier than they are. For instance, in the movies, there is always a doctor available for underground, criminal types who can't go to the hospital. This doctor is apparently awake at 3:00 am and is willing to meet members of a criminal syndicate in the basement of a pork store.

It's not the movies. Call, wait and put pressure on the wound. #themoreyouknow

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