Don't even try to argue with Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLauro about which city should be officially named the Pizza Capital of the United States. According to NBC CT, Rep. DeLauro, along with 100 Connecticut pizza makers, vets, legislators, and community leaders, traveled to Washington, D.C., to enter a statement into the Congressional Record declaring New Haven the "Pizza Capital of the United States of America and Connecticut the "Pizza State!"  

Pepe's FB Page
Pepe's FB Page

An article in the New York Post stated that hearing about New Haven claiming they were the 'Pizza Capital of the U.S.' was the most ridiculous thing they'd ever heard! A dough slinger at Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street in NYC's Greenwich Village said, "What the hell? It's a cheesy stunt! Even Italians, when they come here, they say the pizza of New York is better than the one in Italy right now,” The same dude went on to say that NYC residents, along with 62 million visitors to New York City, have proven it's not even a contest.

Modern Pizza (New Haven) FB Page
Modern Pizza (New Haven) FB Page

I'm aware I'll be verbally crucified for saying this, but who's to say which state has the best pizza in all the land and what makes it the best? Is it the crust or the toppings? Is it thin-sliced or thick-sliced, or a combination of everything? Doesn't it come down to a personal choice for every pizza perfectionist? Sorry, I'm just trying to play devil's advocate.

Here's what other websites are saying about which state and/or city has the best pizza in America.

  1. Modern Apizza, New Haven, Connecticut (Ranked #57 in The Top 100 Pizza Spots According to YELP elites.)
  2. (Names Connecticut as the #1 Pizza in the Nation)
  3. Pizza Today (35 Pizzerias to Watch in the U.S. in 2024) - Chesire Pizza & Ale (Chesire CT)
  4. Pizza Today (Modern APizza in New Haven Named the #1 Pizzeria of the Year!!)

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24/7 Wall Street conducted a study to uncover America's worst pizza. They scoured the internet for negative pizza reviews and compiled a list using the following method:

"consulted pizza reviews from five different food blogs and websites. Given the subjective nature of pizza preferences, we only included pizza chains that consistently ranked near the bottom across multiple sites."

After their investigation, it was revealed that the title of worst pizza in America belongs to three locations right here in Connecticut. Let's count down from 5 to 1 as we reveal the state's most disappointing pizzas and identify their locations.

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