It always boggles my mind about what people think they can get away with. As much as I'd like to say people surprise me, truth is, not so much anymore.

You thought you'd heard everything right? Here comes the story of a dumbass.

The Hartford Courant reported about yet another moment of idiocy in our state. According to the story, 63-year-old Wayne Gagne allegedly tried to steal a fire truck. West Haven police say firefighters were inside a house helping a patient. Then a noise that was very familiar to them happened. The sirens on their firetruck were blaring. All the firefighters however were inside the house, so clearly something was up.

The report says that when the noise prompted the firefighters to look outside they saw a man behind the wheel ready to drive their emergency vehicle. The firefighters took action, got the guy and held him until police got there. Officers say Gagne had an eight-inch hunting knife in his possession. He faces larceny and weapons charges.

This guy was pretty close to getting away with this theft. I have to think that childhood wonder took over, and he just HAD to blow that siren. Come on, who wouldn't? I still want to pump my fist when I see a tractor trailer to get the driver to blow his horn. But what's in someone's head that makes them think they will actually not get caught with a stolen firetruck? Never mind, don't answer that.

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