Why This Place is a digital travel publication that set out to find the best states for hiking in the U.S.

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They examined different factors like:

  • Amount of hiking trails
  • Waterfalls relative to state area
  • Percentage of each state covered by national and state parks
  • Average yearly temperature
  • Rainfall

When all was said and done, Connecticut was the #1 hiking state in the land. These are the Top 10 States for Hiking:

1. Connecticut

2. Massachusetts

3. Hawaii

4. California

5. New Jersey

6. Arizona

7. Washington

8. New Hampshire

9. Utah

10. Rhode Island

The Nutmeg State has an impressive number of hiking trails in proportion to its size. In fact, it comes second only to Massachusetts with a staggering 1,455 hiking trails per 1,000 square miles. The state also has the third-highest state and national park coverage, accounting for 8.49% of its total area, and the fifth-highest number of waterfalls relative to its size, with 30 waterfalls per 1,000 square miles.

We did it Connecticut! We would lead the nation in an activity that is most often done as a result of not having other activities. Hiking is where you end up after asking, "what should we do today" forty times. Is nothing happening? Feeling lazy and don't want to binge Netflix? Go walk in the woods and stare at bushes.

If your options are go to work, paint your house or go hiking, hiking can sometimes come in 2nd place. I'm convinced early explorers were just people who didn't like to be bored. I heard John Cabot checked his emails 13 times before he go on the boat.

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