Is your house crumbling underneath you? Connecticut lawmakers want to help.

Your home is your safe haven, but if the foundation is falling apart underneath you, you are indeed on unsafe ground. It is a problem in many towns around Connecticut.

In a story from, Connecticut's Senate unanimously approved House Bill 5180, in the hopes of offering some relief to beleaguered home owners.

The intent of Bill 5180 is to give the homeowners short term relief by requiring local towns to revalue homes with foundation problems. The hope is that home owners could save a fair amount of money on their taxes while waiting for a permanent solution.

The Hartford Courant published the findings of the final report on what is creating the issue with the foundations back in January of 2017. Hundreds of state residents are already having issues with their foundations because of the concrete that was used.

Knowing the answer and solving the extremely costly problem is still a huge hurdle for affected homeowners. Hopefully, Governor Malloy will soon sign the bill into law. I can't imagine the horror of your house falling apart underneath you.

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