Wallethub did a nationwide study to determine the happiest states in the nation for 2020 and we made it into the top 10. The "Hub" first looked at research that indicated that the contributing factors for happiness are economic, emotional, physical and social health.

Using those general factors as a starting point they examined 32 key metrics that included  depression rates, positive COVID-19 tests, income growth and the unemployment rate. They mixed all that up in a bag and when all was said and done the Nutmeg State ranked #10 in overall happiness in America.

How did our neighbors do? New York was #17 and New Jersey is flying high at #4 in the nation. See the full list here.

On the surface this is good news but I am here to tell you, it's bad news. If my neighbors can't see the world is melting before my eyes, I have more to worry about than I thought.

We have the pleasure of being part of the same national problems everyone is dealing with like COVID-19, social/political unrest and a poor job market. Add on top of that our CT specific problems like our weak State leadership and Eversource ripping us off at every turn and I have to ask, what are you people looking at?

Forgive me for being negative but it's something of a sport for me and I urge you to look around, things are not great, it's bad, it's all bad. Am I being alarmist enough for you? If not, let me add one more worry to your plate.

According to WFSB, the invasive species, the spotted lanternfly has been found in CT. These can severely impact CT farm crops like apples, grapes, and hops. So, buckle up for your $12 bags of apples and $90 twelve packs of beers.

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