Missed Connections is where you go if you want to find an old flame or attempt to find someone you never really took a chance with. It's just a small part of Craigslist and It's a huge shot in the dark. You hope someone you lost connection with checks and answers your ad.

In some cases people are sending messages to people they never asked out, they just saw them or had a brief encounter and chickened out. Connecticut is all over "Missed Connections" right now. It's important that you know m4w means man seeking woman and m4m means man seeking man before we get started.

Let's start with "Dunkin Doughnuts" out of Stamford, CT, The ad reads:

We were going to meet a few Saturdays back at a DD close to me and spend some time together. Work issues popped up and we never got together. I would like to try again. I hope you see this and want to try again. Thanks, hope to hear back.

First off, Doughnuts is how they spelled it, second, America runs on Dunkin, indeed.

Next we have "Helping Hand" out of Bridgeport, CT, the ad reads:

Hi there, you needed a jump, your car would not start.��I was doing security that night, you asked if I had cables and I helped you out. Would like to give you another hand again, you're awesome. I'm working late night again m4m

I had to correct so much spelling and grammar for that guy that this is basically my ad now and I'd never answer his. If things worked out, I'd basically have to do all of his paperwork for the rest of my life. Spelling and grammar is not even my strong suit but that was atrocious, I hope you find what you're looking for sir but it won't be with me.

The next one is really something to behold, it's called "Man seeking a new buddy" and the ad comes out of Norwalk and reads:

Submissive man seeking a new friend. Kneeler here

Doing a bit of kneeling we are? That's a wide net we are casting here and in an extremely aggressive fashion but I guess this is the point of a site like this. Why beat around the bush with words like "hey" or "hi" or "what are you passionate about?" That's wasteful if you are looking to get down to kneeling in a hurry.

"Cute blonde that lives near stews" is also from Norwalk and the ad reads:

I see you from time to time, I do work for a guy that lives near your house. honestly would love to get to hang out with you.

Good luck ever getting a response from the woman you hope to pal. Do you know how many cute blondes live near Stew Leonard's in this country? The answer is thousands.

An ad right here from Danbury, CT is called "Looking for Richard Again" and reads:

We used to meet once a week for lunch, and I miss that. If you see this contact me has been too long!!

I miss going to lunch too, I used to take a full lunch break and get a foot long sweet onion chicken teriyaki almost everyday, Good times. It's my hope that my article helps these people find the people they are so desperately seeking, these are lonely times. It would bring me great joy to learn that people were hooking up all over CT because of this.


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