According to Fox News 35 year old Lindsey Taylor is testing the three's company theory. She lives with her 52 year old husband Mike and her ex-husband, 38 year old Chris Kelley. The residents of Putnam, CT say, not only is it working but the two men get along great. Mike had this to say to SWNS's Real Fix podcast:

Of course it felt awkward - I said to him, if I was in your shoes I don’t think I could have done the same thing, but everything went a lot smoother than we thought it would.

The threesome just bought a new home together but were living together prior to that. Lindsey and Chis say they were married for six years, divorced, they remained friends and lived close to one another so they could co-parent their kids. Lindsey meets Mike, they move in together, the apartment was foreclosed on, Chris invites them to move into his house and the rest is history.

Good for them for taking on a difficult scenario and rising to the occasion to do what they think is best for their children. That said, not a chance in hell I'd try this. These are some new aged folks right here and I'm too old school for the 70's.

I would have had the other guy in a headlock within the first 48 hours. Lindsey, Chris, Mike, good luck.

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