Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's office said he will announce improvements to the rail system in the State today (2/11/20). According to WTNH the improvement projects will focus on Shoreline East and the Hartford lines in the Nutmeg State.

I'll tell you who is looking forward to the Governor's announcement today and his name is me. Since the Governor was elected I've followed his career closely and I feel like I know pretty much how today will go. He'll sound a lot like a guy who invented trains, came up with the idea to improve transportation infrastructure and dodge questions about how to pay for the improvements.

That's my guess on how it will go, I can't predict the man's every move although I've nailed a few predictions as it relates to Ned. Ned "The Head" as I call him kind of looks like an actor who plays a train conductor on a children's TV show. maybe he can make that his second act after he completes his mission of destroying Connecticut from the inside out.

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