According to Zippia, someone looked at Google Trends to determine the most embarrassing thing that each state Googles more than any other. CT is infatuated with the Sussex Royal Meaghan Markle.

Indiana probably had the most embarrassing one of all, folks there Google "How is a baby made?" more than any other state. In New York, the search is Velour tracksuits (respect) and New Jersey Googles "weegee boards" the most. Check out the full list here.

Those of you who listen to the Ethan and Lou Show know that I go off on this all the time. I had a theory that the U.S. is obsessed with the British royals and now I know that it's my home state of Connecticut that is doing the bulk of the obsessing.

Why would anyone here care what they are up to there? I think I know, there are some people here in the Nutmeg State that grew up so well, the only way to have a more fantastical view of life is from the golden chariots of the British Royals.

My morning show partner Ethan Carey is only allowed to watch TV shows that are about the Royals or feature British people. If you ask him about this, he will deny it. The fact remains that there is not one show currently in his cue at home that is not in some way British.

I have no problem with British people, I have a problem with the reason people here do. You are not going to be a King, Queen or Princess in this lifetime or the next. Let's keep our attention here in the states. I could use a few more eyeballs on what is happening here. We have a lot going on that requires the attention of the entire class. Lend a helping hand.

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