When, when, when will it end? I know alcoholism is a disease, and I feel for you, really, but for the love of God, don't get behind the wheel.

Two separate stories just came across my desk sparking my rage today. One from Connecticut, another from Ohio. Both involved alcohol, parents, driving, and children. To say I cringed is an understatement.

The Hartford Courant reports a horrifying story involving a  Griswold Connecticut father and his daughter. The father's been charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of his daughter in an October car crash in Groton. The man, David Ali, has also been charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, risk of injury to a minor and more.

Tragically, while allegedly under the influence, he had his four-year-old daughter Delilah in the car with him and another passenger when he crashed with another vehicle. Delilah did not survive the accident. Ali, his other passenger, and the driver of the other car all did. Ali is being held on $250,000 bail.

Equally disheartening is a story from wlos.com where an Ohio mother who allegedly gave her young daughter wine in a sippy cup is due in court this month. Police say they stopped Elizabeth Floyd for erratic driving over the holidays in Cincinnati and found her pretty drunk while behind the wheel.

The jaw dropping other piece to the story is that the 27-year-old admitted she handed her five-year old son a sippy cup with wine to hold when officers approached.They say she was highly intoxicated and took her into custody on DUI and endangering a child counts. She is facing multiple counts when she appears in court.

Damn you. I know that it's an insidious disease. You may have actually gotten help, or maybe you're in a program now. The fact that people still get behind the wheel and risk their life and others, is proof of just how insidious alcoholism is. That you can risk the life of your child too is beyond unbelievable to me.

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