Thanks to Connecticut's Department of Transporation for launching this awesome new website for travel conditions in real time.

Whether commuting, traveling for pleasure, or pretty much any reason we have to hit the road, it's a hassle when you don't know what traffic conditions await you.

Enter the helpful minds at the Connecticut Department of Transportation. They have just made an announcement on about a new service they are offering to add in your travels.

The Connecticut DOT is calling it a real - time travel information website which you can access through your computer or mobile device. How cool is that. You can get alerts and more right at your finger tips. You can even plug in your route to see if there are problems.

This interactive new service is called CT Travel Smart and it's available at 

You can even customize the traffic cameras. Just create an account at and hopefully make your travel life a bit more hassle free. I'm giving that a double thumbs up.

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