While the election consumes the news cycle, our attention and maybe our personal narrative, we do not bring it to work in CT. The Nutmeg State ranked No. 36 in the nation in talking politics at work. The top state talking politics at work was Rhode Island.

What about our neighbors? New York ranked No. 25, and New Jersey was No. 28. Zippia surveyed 2,000 workers to come up with the results. Montana and Nebraska discussed politics the least of any of the states. While CT did not discuss politics as much as some other states, it did not mean it was not discussed or top of mind. According to the survey, 79 percent of workers have been distracted from work by the 2020 election.

What I find more interesting is that 56 percent of employees keep their political affiliation a secret from their employers. 1 in 3 employees believe that if their employer knew their political affiliation, it would negatively impact their employment.

Basically, what I gather from the survey, is that if we are not talking about the Election, it's on our mind enough to alter our day. The good news is that we have two candidates that are fully capable of running a toaster oven.

Ha, you see, that was my way of saying, neither candidate could run a toaster oven on their own, nor should they be responsible for the direction of the free world. But, who am I? I'm just an average Joe who speaks his mind and gets the facts wrong often, so I'm fully qualified to be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.

DISCLAIMER - The opinions expressed in this article are my (Lou Milano)'s opinions and do not reflect that of I-95 as a radio station or of it's parent company Townsquare Media. If you disagree, feel free to move on with your day.

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