A nationwide study conducted by Zippia reveals the Nutmeg State does not care much for pickles.

Zippia used data (the most recent available from the USDA from 2014-2016) to determine which states grow the most cucumbers with the intent of pickling them.

We tied South Carolina and our neighbor New York at No. 42 in the nation. New Jersey was No. 46, tied with Arizona. The state with the most pickle love was Maine and Vermont, which came in at No. 2. Hawaii grows cucumbers the least for pickling purposes.

I was surprised to see that we (Connecticut) ranked this low on this study. We are in a state that is rumored to have an odd law relating to pickles. According to Ripley's, among others, there is a common Nutmeg State whisper that we are a state that says a pickle must bounce to be considered a pickle.

Their 2019 article also mentions that there is little fact to back up the pickle law, other than the 1948 arrest of Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler. The duo were alleged to have sold canned cukes, "unfit for human consumption.”

They were fined $500 and their non-pickles were destroyed, according to reports.


Whether we are or not a state that regulates the pickle industry down to its bounce, we should do a better job in farming cucumbers with the intent of turning them into pickles.

We just make things better than most states. Now, if we could only stop bragging, people might actually be willing to believe us.

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