You can actually buy supplemental oxygen? It appears I need to broaden my horizons because I never knew of such a concept.

Boost Oxygen is a company based in Milford, CT, that manufactures 95% pure supplemental oxygen, which can be purchased without a prescription. However, were you aware that the air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen, and the rest is nitrogen? When I told my wife of this revelation, she was not impressed and said, "Oh?" and went back to scrolling Tick Tock.

According to, Boost Oxygen is back on "Shark Tank." During their first appearance, Shark, Kevin O'Leary offered up a million dollars for a piece of the business and is now a contributor to the Boost Oxygen sales strategy.

Boost Oxygen - Milford - Google Instant Streetview...
Boost Oxygen - Milford - Google Instant Streetview...

Boost's debut appearance on "Shark Tank" happened in March of 2020 when COVID-19 was running rampant. So you can imagine how that affected their business. Boost CEO Rob Neuner told WFSB they sold out in three days.

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Selfishly I'm thinking about our trip with a bunch of friends to Buffalo, Wyoming in August, and how to get this O2 to where we're staying. With Buffalo 4,600 feet above sea level, I could be the most popular guy in camp and maybe make some cash on the side. So let's figure this out.

Each 10 liter can of Boost Oxygen costs approximately $17 with over 200 one-second hits of the good stuff. If I charge $5 for a one-second hit, I could conceivably make $1,000 off one bottle of Boost. I'm a genius, although the $1,000 would probably only cover our booze bill.

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