According to WFSB, The U.S.D.A. has recalled more than 130,000 pounds of ground beef from a company called Rastelli Foods Group due to possible plastic contamination. The meat in question was sold here in Connecticut, also in Georgia, Colorado, Illinois and Maryland. Rastelli's specific product of concern is their 16-ounce vacuum sealed packages being sold with the name “Nature’s Rancher 100% Grass Fed Organic Ground Beef. The products were sold between Oct 3-15th.

I like when people take credit for their mistakes. I make mistakes and when I do, I like to raise my hand and get the apologies out of the way. Say, for instance, I lit a baseball field on fire in Connecticut while trying to dry it with gasoline? I'd raise my hand and say I am sorry. Either the U.S.D.A. made them say they made a mistake or they were willing to report it, I'll never know but a mistake is being admitted and that's a good thing.

That being said, what do we do with a beef recall? I mean they recall your car, you deal with the car company and see how they can help, maybe you get some money. With a beef recall, or any other food, the damage is done. I'd imagine this beef operation is not going to be out, on the streets of CT, cutting $12 checks. If you got sick they can't replace the hours you lost, stuck in the bathroom.

What if you bought it, cooked it, tasted it, recognized right away and said, "hey this tastes a little polymer-ey?" You were onto them, you figured out their big beef blunder (alliteration intentional) right away. Good for you for having such a distinguishing pallet. Now what, what do you do next? You don't have a beef receipt, do you? I hope not, keeping beef receipts is weirder than brushing your hair at the bus stop.

So what good is this? You "bad-beefed" us Rastelli and I don't like it but it looks like I have zero meat recourse.

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