Michael Myers? Wimp. Freddy Krueger? Rank amateur. Dracula? Doesn't even count. See what I did there?

According to a new survey by Frontier, the most Googled horror villain in both Connecticut and New York is none other than Frankenstein's monster. He was the most popular in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey as well.

The Frontier Bundles data analyst team selected 15 popular villains from classic, pre-2000 horror movies and used Google Trends to analyze their search volume in the last 12 months. We then reported the villain with the highest search volume in each state.  

On a nationwide scale, Norman Bates is the most-searched spooky guy in the US. Chucky, the Alien, and a couple of Stephen King villains, Pennywise and Jack Torrance also had strong showings. But it appears we like our horror "classic" here in the Northeast as Frankenstein's monster reigns supreme.

Frontier Communications

If nothing else, this survey should remind you of a few scary movies to go back and watch just in time for Halloween.


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