Large Dave and I from back in 2015.

I was sent this today and I wanted to pretend like it didn't happen but it very much did. I am less embarrassed for me than I am for Bill Trotta who said: "flippity flop." There is just no coming back from that.

There is only one reason we did this and that is to meet a short term media metric that we had fallen short of. Let this be a lesson, if your kids tell you they want to be on the radio, write, act or be in any form of media they will end up making a video like this along the way.

Dave, you are a living nightmare here. You are an attractive fella, as far as those go but WOOF! Pull your life together sir and while you are at it, pull your bra up.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like I'd go back to that time, right now without hesitation. We had little to no perspective on how to put anything worth watching on social media but hey, no COVID, no murder hornets, sharks were not walking on land, Florida was just a state with a nice shoreline and some sunshine.

Sign me up for a s--- idea, a poor Youtube video with zero point and wearing a bra. I was hanging out with my friends in the sun and death was not imminent.

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