According to WFSB, Connecticut is no longer immune to the creepy clown sightings and their related threats. 

Administrators in the New Haven School District are taking recent clown related threats seriously and are working with local authorities. The threats, according to authorities were made on social media. While the police and schools are not being specific about what the threats are they do say whether they are credible or not they will take them seriously.

Coulrophobia is the medical name for a fear of clowns. It's actually a pretty common fear. To say I understand the psychology behind it would be ridiculous, but I do understand the phobia itself. If I am being honest, I do not like clowns or anything that exaggerates or distorts facial features. I have always felt that it was one of the creepier things a person could see. I'll just come out and say it -- I am scared of clowns.

I was discussing this trend of threatening clowns popping up here and there with my wife. I told her, in no uncertain terms, that if one of these trolls popped up in our neighborhood, I would immediately resort to violence. I mean it. I am not going to sit around assuming it's some dopey millennial trying to shoot a viral YouTube video in my neighborhood by scaring people. I have to assume the worst. I have to, because I simply don't trust people in this day and age. I know there are young people who are so unhinged -- young people that may commit violence just to be remembered. It's not for me, and it's nothing I will tolerate.

And let me go back to the millennials for a second. It is my contention that many of them aspire to nothing more than going viral on social media. That is sad. Hey, if you are doing a basketball trick shot video or showing off your extreme sports skills, I have no problem with you. However, if you put on a rubber mask and stand under a street light in a residential neighborhood simply to exploit people's basic fears, you are useless to me.

One more note -- Scaring people, truly scaring people, can be dangerous for you. Be careful, youngsters, because the things people are capable of when they feel threatened are pretty incredible.

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