We tend to overlook the everyday items that we can't live without.

A list of the most important inventions in all 50 states just came out from Mid America Nazarene University. The list is really fun to go through. Some of the biggies, for example, are the Internet, which was invented in Massachusetts, the iPhone, invented in California, and the personal computer, which was invented in Florida. When it comes to New York's most important invention, we are extremely thankful.

A New York City businessman named Frank McNamera forgot his wallet while dining in a New York City restaurant, and devised a plan for the Diner's Club Card, which he created in February of 1950. This was the very first credit card. Where would we be without them today? Good question, maybe not as far in debt, but still needed in everyday life.

Credit: Think Stock

Even though the hamburger is an extremely important Connecticut invention, the most important contribution to the list is vulcanized Rubber. The kind of rubber that's stabilized and used for car tires. It was invented by Charles Goodyear, who was born in New Haven in 1800. Commuters on I-84 and 684 rely on 'em every day.

We can rule out the fidget spinner. It didn’t make the list, not yet anyway. It was invented the 90s by an Oklahoma woman who moved to Florida. Since Oklahoma is on the list for inventing the parking meter, there's hope for the fidget spinner, maybe next year it'll be on the list.

But the one that really makes an impression on me these days is New Jersey’s invention, Air Conditioning, which was created there in 1921 . We'll all be saying Amen for air conditioning this summer.


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