This one showed up in my feed recently and had me laughing.

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#1, no one was hurt and #2 is another shining example of how crazy the streets of Danbury can be. If you're out driving around the Hat City on a regular basis, I commend you because it is truly bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S, bananas.

The video comes from someone named Kiss.MediaTV and they titled it: "Older Lady Road Rage Scammer." The author of the post describes the video by saying:

"Older lady kind of cuts me off than proceeds to brake check me coming up to a red light. She than gets out of her vehicle and trys to point at her bumper as if i hit her. Crazy Lady beware." 

Was she up to no good? Does she have spatial awareness issues? I have no idea but that was the best :40 seconds of my week so I must thank her for the entertainment. What's the thing people say? Oh yeah, "Go home Nancy, You're drunk!" Then there is the old standby "someone come get their grandma."

I'm not going to go full blast on this lady because I don't know her deal and my mom is one bad day away from screaming in the street so let's just wish everyone the best moving forward.

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P.S. I used to want to buy a dashcam to record the entertaining things I see out on the roads but now I know I NEED one for my own personal protection. People are wild on the streets of Danbury. Folks are reckless, road-raging, scandalous race car drivers hellbent on destruction. Not only are Danbury drivers a danger to themselves and others, they are all too willing to lie to protect their own skin after doing something crazy. Imagine if you gave 80,000  hyenas their own cars and a pile of cocaine....that is Danbury traffic in a nutshell.

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Maybe this works out, maybe not at least I can say "look at this!"

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In my time with the station I've only been to the broadcast tower site a handful of times. My last trip up there made me think that everyone should get to see this. This is my virtual tour of the tower site from the ground. As you read this I want you to keep in mind that it takes all of these components to create 50,000 watts, one of the strongest signals in Connecticut.

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