Tomorrow the Ethan and Lou show will welcome, nudist/nudist expert Deb Bowen to the program. She is coming on to talk about this nude cruise she is a part of. I have some questions for this lady. Yes, the I will ask the questions that no one should ask.

I have thought about this many times because I like to be in the buff from time to time and I like seeing pretty naked ladies. The fantasy of it all however does probably does not often match the reality. In fact, in most cases it probably looks like the above photo. That's not for me, just saying.

I mean you have to see some terrifying potatoes if you spend enough time as a nudist. I'm going to imagine the ratios are way out of whack. Like, you probably get to see one beautiful body for every 35 mutants you see naked. Those numbers are not working in my favor and for that reason, I'm out.



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