CT is not always painted in the best light nationally.

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We are best known for being taxed into oblivion and being next to New York so it comes as no surprise to me when someone from another state rags on us Nutmeggers. But we would not be lame enough to joke about banning the "Elf on a Shelf" game, would we?

I guess it's possible, one county in Georgia did, just that recently. According to FOX 13, a judge in Cobb County, GA named Rob Leonard has banned "Elf on the Shelf."

He said: the Elf on the Shelf game is a "risk to the emotional health and well being of kids," adding "when these Elves do not move, it leaves our children of tender years in states of extreme emotional distress."

You can't say anything worthwhile or funny, publicly and we are all worse for it. I'm even willing to bet that this Judge's joke did actually create some heat. You know some jackass spent the afternoon calling his office demanding to speak with him because their child heard a Judge banned the "Elf on a Shelf." As sure as I am sitting here, that happened and it's a preview of a bleak future. I'm definitely going to be arrested for a joke in the future.

Now I am feeling rebellious and want to say something controversial but it's not worth it so I'll say something that will be controversial in 20 years and be cancelled for it. Here's one, cats are just snakes with fur, pure evil. Boom. .

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